Hemp Cultivation – Key Points

Now with the legalization of hemp, there are massive opportunities for farmers.

In the United States, groundbreaking news came out that hemp was finally legalized again. According to the Washington Post, Congress just passed a $867 billion farm bill. (Stein, 2018)

As this is a monumental change for the United States this paves the way for the hemp industry and how the production of hemp will be.

Key Takeaways

It is exciting that farmers can now focus on engineering and creating sustainable products with hemp as there are so many uses for hemp that can revolutionize the industry on a national level.

There will be 2 streams that hemp will be cultivated for, CBD production and industrial production.

  • Now that the hemp production is legal, the demand for CBD health related products such as hemp CBD Oil will grow significantly.
  • The FDA can inhibit the way CBD is distributed it is undetermined as of yet what regulations will be set up around it.
  • Industrial hemp is going to be grown for food, fuel, building materials, and more.
  • CBD production will be treated much differently than industrial hemp, the physical space to grow will be much less than industrial hemp.
  • Production of hemp will be on a mass level at roughly 400,000 plants per acre whereas CBD production will yield approximately 1,000-6,000 per acre. (Freese, 2019)
  • CBD will be extracted from the female plants with a standard low percentage of .03% and this will have a body to oversee this to ensure those standards are met. If those standards are not met the plant will be destroyed. (Freese, 2019)
  • Certain materials produced for hemp will be textiles and bioplastics.
  • It is projected that farmers will start using hemp to create “bio-based,” “agriculturally- based” products to replace fossil fuel products.
  • The USDA has yet to set standards and regulations on the way hemp is grown and this could involve whether or not pesticides will be added to the plant.

There are lot of uncertainties around the production of hemp moving forth with the farm bill. Thankfully, farmers can take a page out of Canada’s book and the pilot projects that were in the states to start cultivating and engineering to obtain maximum efficiency and yield of crops. The hemp market is expected to grow to $10.6 billion by 2025.


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