I am in the process of getting certified in PA for medical marijuana. I was on 60mg of Kadian twice a day for over the past three years. I completely started the process on my own. I told him why I was doing it and was 100% for it. I thought I could, starting in July of 2017 and would begin my detox at 10 mg a month. After the first month I was fine but because they don't make a 40 mg, they gave me 2-20's twice a day. However, I would need a second script in 2 weeks because of insurance and how they got it through the insurance.I just decided to just drop at that time, to just drop to the 30 mg after just 2 weeks. I've cut my dose in half over the past 2 months or so..60 mg to 30 mg. The irony of this situation is that in the 3 yrs I've been under his care and pain management contract I've never had a single dirty urine, not one. I was in a wheelchair for two years prior to finding this Dr and followed every request for Physical Rehab and to this day I've been up using a walker. The withdraw symptoms became bad right away and the only thing that would stop all the side effects was marijuana. Well now I just had my second dirty urine and on this Monday, October 9th 2017, I have to go and talk to him about no longer receiving or finishing my detox from the morphine because of 2 dirty urines for the drug that I'm detoxing from to get on!!! Yes I know what the pain contract says, but the immediate relief from the pain, cramps/spasms and severe nausea. Does anyone know of a piece of the Pennsylvania Law that allows for a person, who made the choice and was never in fear of being taken off my contract, to use marijuana while detoxing. I know the methadone clinic here allows the use of both if you go to the clinic.Something is wrong, very wrong, if this is the case! Any help? Thanks

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Sorry to hear about your predicament. Do you have a Pa. attorney that you can chat with?