How to Use CBD Oil for Workout Recovery?

The mainstream health sector may have taken a while to endorse cannabis as a safe-to-use herbal product with medicinal properties - but still, a lot has changed about the way people view marijuana products like CBD. For instance, the fitness industry now stands as one of the biggest markets for CBD products as evidenced by a growing number of top athletes who use a variety of hemp ointments for post-workout recovery and as a treatment for pain.

Today, when you think about cannabis, the old image of an island hippy moving to reggae music doesn't apply anymore. Professional athletes, regular working people, and people with long-standing medical conditions - these are just a few of the folk who use these products. The kind of people you see buying CBD products online tend to focus on things like enhancing performance, managing pain, or more generally, improving their health.

In the world of professional sports or athletics there's always something more you could do to enhance performance; whether it's taking longer on the warm-ups, getting enough sleep, or using CBD oil to speed up recovery. The next time you're at the gym and need to change your approach to muscle recovery, ask about CBD oil.

So how much do you know about using cannabis products for workout recovery? Check out CBD Central's guide to using CBD oil post-workout:

You won't get high

First things first, let's get over any anxiety or concern about mental performance because CBD is not psychoactive. It can be integrated into a fitness program without impacting on cognitive function or causing any emotional or hormonal fluctuations (in fact it can be used to counteract the effects of known hallucinogens like THC). The kind of experience you have with cannabis products comes down to the type of cannabinoid consumed.

How do I use CBD for workout recovery?

Apply gels for chronic pain

Certain products like gels and topical creams are used mainly for chronic in or injury. Search for topical oil-based products that you can use on joints and muscles to speed up recovery after intense workouts. The good thing about using CBD this way that it works better than opioids and is not addictive.

Stop using ibuprofen

There's hardly any athlete that doesn't pop an Advil or ibuprofen every once in a while, and especially after practice when the body is sore. However, lately more people are switching to CBD products like soft gels as a safer alternative to conventional pain medication, which has been known to have side effects. One benefit here is that cannabidiol minimizes the experience of pain in the long term, allowing you to practice harder and stay at the top of your game.

Use as part of your regular recovery

Among the many health benefits of cannabidiol is its anti-inflammatory effect, which can be used as part of a routine recovery to prevent severe pain and injury even from damaged tissue. CBD acts on the muscles causing relaxation and at the same time releases hormones that reduce stress and tension, allowing faster recovery.

Use for game-day anxiety

There's plenty of evidence to show that CBD generates anti-anxiety effects in both men and women. When used on game-day, it will help ease some of the anxiety that comes with anticipation, and this might be crucial to your ability to perform well. A moderate dose of CBD will block brain receptors that are responsible for producing stress hormones and trigger more pleasant hormones to leak into the bloodstream, reducing tension in the process. After a while, this will lead to higher mental focus and more energy directed toward the event.

Use to improve performance

Your ability to grow during training will determine how well you evolve as an athlete. CBD will help you reduce the amount of time you spend nursing joint pain and injuries, and it will also have an impact on your mind, helping to balance your body and mind in a way that positions you for success.

How can I purchase CBD?

CBD products are available in several forms including oils, pills, pastes, and sprays, most of which are used to treat localized pain and to minimize inflammation. Look for a product that works for you and try the different strains available to find one that you can use regularly.