CBD Stealth Branding

Does your dispensary categorize CBD vs THC products, or mix them together?

With a smaller quantity of CBD available in the cannabis industry, maximizingproducts through differential packaging allows for more business opportunity. By opening a new segment for higher-end CBD products, it allows everyone, from growers to dispensaries, to quickly get their ROI while potentially allowing the existing market to transition.

Since CBD is mostly known for its medicinal use, it often appears superfluous to recreational users with no paranoia or medical history.Purchasing a non-psychoactive strain seems irrelevant, especially if there’s a higher price tag. So, to break into the market, the cannabis industry has been updating their CBD packaging to create its own separate category.

The differentiation between CBD and THC packaging design has been sparking an interest in recreational users. It’s mostly how they learn about potentially maximizing their experience and counteracting negative THC side effects.For example, if a brand always uses a red jar cap for sativa, blue for Indica,and green for hybrid, and suddenly add CBD strains with black caps, it would definitely capture attention. This allows the customer to quickly pinpoint the CBD products,allowing the budtender to talk about the uses, and increase sales.

For medicinal or recreations users who enjoy what CBD has to offer, it’s nice being able to easily distinguish high CBD strains from high THC strains. It’s the same as how we label Indica andSativa strains.They produce very different results for most people and have been categorized differently. Now we have Hybrids, and Hybrids with a Sativa or Indica dominant. CBD has earned its stripes.

Hard to Get

If given the option of growing a popular plant that guarantee sales, or one that appeals to a new smaller market, which one would it be? That’s why it’s hard to get CBD. It’s just supply and demand. Growers take a risk, then the suppliers, retail, and eventually the consumers. That CBD product has come a long way to be there. It’s primarily the reason for the higher price tags.

CBD is a rapidly growing market in the medical communitythat is expanding to the recreational user. The distinctions in packaging allow for a higher price tag, as well as additional sales.


-I Am a Budtender

-Worked in a Cannabis Manufacturing Facility

-Graphic Design/Advertising career experience