What Lucid Green does is unique and mission-focused; truly partnering with the entire cannabis ecosystem…not to provide a service, transfer data, or even educate consumers – although we do all of that. We are, as a company, driven to empower the consumer with the knowledge they need to have a safe, predictable, and enjoyable cannabis experience.

That’s what we call operating with trust and transparency – and is the foundation for the normalization of cannabis in California and beyond.

It's naïve to think that legalizing cannabis will be enough to support a healthy marketplace. Legalization is key to the free-flowing commercial function of cannabis and facilitating commercial integration. What normalization will facilitate is behavioral integration, and that's what's required to move cannabis out of the shadows and directly into the mainstream.

Let's take a step back and reflect on the consumer perspective. The general public doesn't need cannabis…hell they're not even sure they want it and the numbers bear that out. It's foolishness to think that by opening dispensary doors, consumers will flock in by the droves. That may happen once or twice but that's not the recipe for commercial maturity and longevity. As a rule, consumers are skeptical and risk-averse when exploring a new market and the overwhelming magnitude of non-differentiated products, mediocre quality, and fragmented information only further reinforce that sense of trepidation.

Cannacurious consumers – and even those with cannabis experience – enter a dispensary with minimal knowledge and wander around a maze of nearly identical looking packages. In most cases a budtender will attempt to point them in the right direction, but with the inundation of brands and products (and more arriving every day) even the best-intentioned budtender has very little product knowledge to offer.

Ultimately the consumer leaves the store with the hope that they purchased something they’ll enjoy. Most of that time that hope is distinguish after a less-than-fulfilling consumption experience and the consumer is left deflated. That feeling of disappointment is usually reinforced by the high cost of cannabis and the associated high expectations.

Can we reasonably expect that these disappointed consumers are likely to enter into another dispensary? And if they do, what have we provided to them which would create the expectation of a different outcome? With these factors in mind, how can we rightly – and with a clear conscience – ask the consumer to make a change in their consumption rituals for recreational or even therapeutic purposes?

If we fail to offer a cognitive resource which extends behind the status quo, we’ve not only let down our consumers but we've also failed those who came before us, their decades of social and political activism, and the risks of consequences they faced and endured as part of this journey to remove the stigma from the cannabis plant.

That was the impetus for Lucid Green’s movement and where it took root. We realized that by looking to serve as a trusted partner with the entire industry – from brands, to dispensaries, and all the way to the consumer – we could make a difference that could make a positive change in our industry. As such we look to take our passion and commitment and operate with more empathy more compassion and more alignment with the industry were serving

We're here to make a sea change in the way cannabis knowledge is provided by empowering the consumer. To do this, we made accurate, valuable, and credible information accessible to all; on-demand, when they need it, where they need it. By doing this we empower consumers to have confidence when purchasing (no more hoping) and empower them with peace of mind when consuming (no more disappointment).

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