Tokeativity: The Land of Womxn

I have never been lucky making friends with other womxn. I suppose that could been because of my traumatic past with them or we just didn't quite click.

It wasn’t until I met Sam through an networking event; when i learned about this social gathering known as tokeativity. Now this social gathering was for womxn and female identified folks only. Which I thought was pretty cool but frighten at the same time. But I was determined to enter the cannabis industry and what better way to maneuver through the industry then to be with some like minded individuals. Remembering what I came here for I tossed my fear aside and convinced one of my close girlfriends to join me in a trip down the tokeativity rabbit hole.

After making it to the venue, I reminded myself continually what I was there for. My goal was to pass out homemade business cards made by Vistaprint. While also scooping the place out for a little while and than leave with my girlfriend before my social anxiety becomes too hard to bare. So, I said that I gave myself about a good 1 hour and then I would dip. As I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I remember standing outside and smelling the familiar yet beautiful aroma just dancing in the air. Soon I began making my way towards the smell as my friend followed closely behind.

As I entered the wooden door with dancing lights coming out of the windows. I remember asking myself; what is this majestic land that I have entered into too. Womxn, and Joints were everywhere. Soon I discovered myself standing in front of someone. a pretty womxn with a soft smile and smooth skin a color not of mine but friendly nonetheless. Name and I.D. Please! I handed her my ID, and began looking for a familiar face within the sea of womxn that I have never met before. After receiving my ID back and my girlfriend right next at arm's length. I began walking down a narrow hallway towards the kitchen/dining area. Not only do I see more womxn but I see a bunch of food laid out for us all to just enjoy. Turn to your left you see a drink station where you can put tincture made by Muru a cannabis tincture to put in any fun drink you want.

Next thing I did was walked into the dancing area where there was a DJ and space for folks to dance. I then walked into the living room area. Where a group of womxn known as the Ladies of Paradise was getting ready to set up and take pictures of folks at the party. When you walked upstairs you could see that they turned the so-called bedrooms into stations as well. One for Tarot Card reading and the other for Reiki. In the attic we had gold moon concentrates handing out free dabs for the evening. Not only did we have some epic stations but the womxn there were very friendly, always making sure that we were good and that if we needed something; We got it and making sure that we are not too high.

This space is an awesome space to have fun and forget about all your worries just as a womxn. For once you are not looked at as minority but a powerful majority, Which as a womxn of color is something we strive for. I did feel one thing was missing and that’s was we need more sisters of color up in this space. I wanted to share my experience and passion for encouraging to make a safe space for womxn of color. Lisa loved this idea and encouraged that we talk more outside of the social to discuss what that would like. Scholarships were a start for low-income and womxn of color. But knowing there is more that can be done. We both jumped at the opportunity at bringing more representation towards the tokeativity space as a whole.

Since then, Tokeativity has grown tremendously in size. Months after the first social gathering Both Lisa, Sam and I have worked to create safe space for womxn of color within this space. We held a womxn intro to politics workshop that gave some proceeds to Don’t Shoot PDX a community organization within Portland that fights back against police brutality. While also making sure to visibly advertise the scholarships and other avenues to be able to come to events in lieu of a ticket for low-income/womxn of color.

Since Jan. I have became brand ambassador for tokeativity. Why!? because I wanted to bring more representation within the brand as well as sharing the good news about this ever changing and growing movement within the cannabis industry. As a black womxn we have many stigmas in terms of being a part of the cannabis industry. Lazy, unfit, just a bum these are just some of the few reasons I get up everyday and fight for the industry like I do because If womxn like me can just see me thrive without losing my personal values that I hold dear as womxn of color. This shows that this field doesn’t just have to be another white man dominated field but a field where womxn and people of color can thrive in as well.

Follow me on Instagram at Stoney_Scorpio26. Want to join a Tokeativity Social use my code name: StoneyScorpio for 20% off your ticket or DM so I can help you work in lieu of a ticket.

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