The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) hosted a press conference to present a summary of the economic impact resulting from the state’s first year of recreational cannabis sales. Riana Durrett, executive director of the Nevada Dispensary Association, spoke alongside Andrew Jolley, NDA president and chief executive officer of The+Source dispensaries; John Ritter, board member of The Grove and NDA; Senator Tick Segerblom; and John Restrepo, principal of RCG Economics.

The speakers presented information on tax revenue, projected revenue and economic benefits through 2024, employment statistics, regulatory costs, operating costs and more. The full report can be viewed at: Highlights include:

Jobs: Approximately 6,000 in marijuana facilities, Approximately 8,300 in the industry Excise Tax Revenue: $69.8 million Total Economic Benefits: $989.7 million Taxable Sales: $539.9 million “The report is indicative of demand for safe, tested marijuana in Nevada. There remains a robust black market, but with strict enforcement of regulation and fair tax policy, Nevada’s regulated marijuana industry will continue to erode the black market,” Durrett said. The press conference also allowed speakers to reply to questions from the audience, speaking to safety and regulatory concerns, as well as the decriminalization and normalization of the plant.

There are currently 64 retail dispensaries operating throughout the state and the tourist market is projected to drive recreational cannabis sales to become the largest marketplace nationwide. “Nevada is an exciting state to examine when it comes to medical adult use marijuana regulation, because we are an international destination for tens of millions of people, and we do strict regulation very well,” said Senator Segerblom. “I will continue to ensure we remain a leader in cannabis business and regulation.”

About the Nevada Dispensary Association: The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) is dedicated to developing and promoting the best practices among Nevada marijuana dispensaries as well as supporting the efforts of marijuana establishments to provide high quality, safe marijuana to Nevada’s consumers. The Nevada Dispensary Association represents 90 percent of dispensaries in Southern Nevada and more than 90 percent of dispensaries statewide. For more information, visit

Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom Speaking at NDA Press Conference

Photo Credit: Joe Durkin

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