“Retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the U.S. are on pace to eclipse $12 billion by the end of 2019 – an increase of roughly 35% over 2018 – and could rise as high as $30 billion by 2023,” reports the newly released 7th annual Marijuana Business Factbook from the editorial team of MJBizDaily. --The marijuana industry will create a $39B - $48B economic impact for U.S. in 2019 with potential to surpass $100B in economic beneifts in 2023. --Sales of legal recreational and medical cannabis in 2018 clocked in at an estimated $11.2B-$13.7B, nearly as much revenue as the NFL generated in 2018 and over three times the amount spent on E-cigarettes last year. --Legals cannabis sales represent a fraction of the estimated total demand for legal and black market cannabis in the U.S., which is around $50-$60B. --The number of fulltime workers supporting cannabis industry is expected to reach between 175,000--215,000 in 2019, an increase of 34% over 2018’s estimated 130,000--160,000 workers.

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Here in oregon we have over a million pounds of surplus top grade cannabis