National Cannabis Industry Association has created a petition for Facebook!

Facebook has a history of actions and policies that negatively impact state-licensed cannabis businesses and policy reform advocates, even as the majority of U.S. states have legally regulated cannabis for medical or adult use through laws that continue to enjoy wide public support. NCIA has received numerous reports from our members about their attempts to share information or advertise on Facebook being rejected and their pages being suspended. We have also experienced these discriminatory measures first-hand on our own account. In addition, Facebook has been "shadow banning" cannabis-related groups and pages by blocking them from search results. As the national trade association for the industry, we refuse to stay silent while our members and allies are subjected to unfair censorship. Cannabis businesses should be able to use this platform like any other legitimate industry. Please sign this petition to urge Facebook to end their censorship of the cannabis industry and share it with your friends, colleagues, and customers!

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