Fake Weed Kills Two in Illinois Whose Symptoms Included Bleeding from the Ears

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Its too vague to say synthetic marijuana.. Their are many synthetic cannabinoids on the market.. I smoked 4 ounces of JWH-18 a month for 2 years straight with out any problems.. When o quit, I did have some withdraw though.. When they banned JWH-18, chemists started manufacturing other synthetic cannabinoids and that's when some of the problems started .. Originally their were a hand full of synthetic cannabiniods that were fairly safe.. of course they got banned.. I think if our country would just legalize cannabis in every state, their wouldn't be a black market for synthetic cannabinoids.. Of course that would also depend on the price of cannabis verses the price of synthetic.. Also, it would have to be legal for people on probation and parole to ingest cannabis.. Just my thoughts on the whole issue