Facebook's newest block on Cannabis...

All searches with “cannabis” and “marijuana” are now invisible when searched - posts, photos, pages, groups, and events all have no results.

It has gone as far as the Bureau of Cannabis Control not showing up when searched; this is a government agency that does not sell any products or services. People depend on BCC’s Facebook for up to date information regarding regulations in the California Cannabis market.

Pages are still present and can be accessed by direct link; however, many marijuana companies rely heavily on these searches to grow their SEO and online presence. Without it, cannabis companies get less exposure on their page, posts, videos, and other content.

Social media presence is key for cannabis companies, and Facebook has made it increasingly difficult for Cannabis with no solutions in sight. Facebook algorithms limit content so that a page doesn’t reach their audience. Facebook wants companies to pay for advertising for exposure, including followers. This creates an issue in the cannabis space since cannabis ads are banned from Facebook entirely.

Source: Traffic Roots

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