Erik Peterson's Guide to Vape Oil Part 1

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Erik Peterson for True Terpenes


Peterson has built a reputation creating products for TerpX and teaching courses at the Extracts Academy. He's partnered with True Terpenes to bring you a series in educational material. Here is the first in the series of a vape oil tutorial.

How to Make Vape Oil

Step 1: Base Oil

Ever wondered how to turn cannabis oil, extracts, and hash oil concentrates into vape oil? It’s actually easier than it might seem.

When making vape oil, the first step is to choose the base cannabis oil. The most common base oils are Distillate, BHO, Co2, Rosin, QWET (Quick Wash Ethanol). The choice we make for our base oil will have heavy influence over the following steps to make our finished product.

What’s the best base oil? Today we are going to focus on distillate due to it’s purity, potency, and versatility. To learn more about the other base oils - BHO, Co2, Rosin and QWET click here.

Distillate offers a high purity and potency, typically testing around 90% THC. When distilling cannabis oil we remove all impurities to get as close to pure THC as possible. This creates a blank canvas so-to-speak, as THC is a completely flavorless/odorless/colorless molecule.

The blank canvas is both an advantage and a disadvantage. THC tends to be quite harsh when consumed raw. During the distillation process the terpene profiles that make each strain unique will be lost; the terpenes that you started with will be degraded to the point where they will be entirely undesirable (and smell/taste like burnt rubber) so we have to replace the degraded terpenes with new terpenes/flavor profiles from sources such as True Terpenes. For more on the best ways to distill terpenes and maintain the integrity of the flavor profile click here.

Distillates are the most versatile and give us the most options in terms of final product. Would you like a vape pen that tastes like fresh squeezed orange juice? Or do you prefer a vape pen that tastes like Purple Kush? The choice is yours.

stay tuned for flavoring in step 2…

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