Yummi Karma LLC just became the first cannabis manufacturer to get a state license in Orange County. Now, the female-run company plans on taking its new platform all the way to the White House. The team wants to meet with President Trump to bring a new face to the drug policy issue.

“It is time for all of us to open the discussion,” says Yummi Karma CEO Krystal Kitahara. “We have a lot to bring to the table and we’re taking it to the top.”

First, the women behind Yummi Karma are winning over their local community. They are opening the doors to their new licensed facility in Costa Mesa to show that cannabis businesses can be good neighbors.

"It is really important to us that the community understand how we operate," says Kitahara. "It's amazing how receptive everyone is once they realize how hard we're working to shatter negative stereotypes about cannabis."

The Yummi Karma team has already worked hard to do just that. Its full tincture line and beauty products continue to win awards and garner national media attention. Its Drift Away is the best-selling sleep tincture in California. And its topical line, High Gorgeous, has been named the first mainstream cannabis beauty brand.

The team has big plans for the future, including opening a flagship cannabis boutique in Southern California that caters to women, and taking their brand national.

“We want people in every state to get help and relief from our products,” says YK Communications Director Alysia Sofios. “We are flooded with emails and calls every day, so we know the demand is out there.”

The group is going to host a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce soon. They call the warm welcome a dream come true.

www.yummikarma.com www.highgorgeous.com

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I have some amazing cannabis industry female friends here in Portland you should meet or link up with; Tokeativity, Ladies Of Paradise, Open Cannabis Project, I'm Cannabess (Washington State) and of course you will always have my support!