Smoked 2 nights ago & found out the next day I was gonna have a drug screening but i PASSED!!!!! Drink this water/pill mixture 2-3 hours before the test & make sure u pee 2x before the actual test. Buy a gallon of water & Coleman’s potable aqua pills from walmart in the camping section (only like 7-8 bucks). Get vitamin B pills too if u can, take one an hour before ur test will help ur urine look yellow. pour out 8 cups worth of water to get rid of 2 liters put 4 white cap pills in water, put cap back on the jug LOOSELY then put finger on cap & shake it for 7 seconds fully screw the cap on, leave the jug to sit for 30 min. after 30 min add 4 yellow cap pills, screw cap on tightly & shake for 15 seconds, let it sit for 3 minutes (after the 3 min if there's still some white at the bottom cuz of the pills not dissolving it's perfectly fine, those pills don't even matter they just clear up the taste/color of the iodine in the water) when drinking it, u can sit watching tv the whole time. I didn’t work out or sweat cuz i didn't know if i'd actually be sweating out this water lol. ONLY DRINK 1 LITER AN HOUR OR YOU’LL DROWN YOUR ORGANS never drink a full gallon in a couple hours I Started drinking it at 8:36 am Took a vitamin B at 9:45 so my piss would be a bit yellow for when I went to take the test. If it’s clear they will prob fail you for it being diluted. Stopped drinking at 10:35 Took test at 11:10 (I WOULD FULLY FILL MY MOUTH WITH THE WATER EACH TIME AND ENDED UP TAKING ONLY 30 DRINKS OF IT EXACTLY)