I would like to know what is the best strain to stop mould killing my plants it’s heart braking to loose everything as I live in the wet tropics an just try a few outdoors

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No, please stop spreading disinfo. All strains are mold resistant to some extent and they don't range much. You'll want to grow indoors since mold will be inevitable in your location every time you grow outdoors. Start growing indoors with a dehumidifier and a meter so you know you have around 40% instead of 80! Throw away those plants and if you already have plants indoors, a shed or small greenhouse spray yourself with raid so that absolutely no fungus knats hitch a ride on you. Yes, they will actually do that and from where you are from I'd be always using some kind of knat repellent every time you go outside and be prepared ahead of time using safers sticky stix

Bud Durden
Bud Durden


There are actually strains that are resistant and I'll list some for you but they are exactly that resistant, it might not be enough depending on your situation.

royalqueenseeds.com has some great options for you.

Stress Killer Automatic Shining Silver Haze Royal Moby Northern Light

If you are in a place where it rains often you might need to rig up some sort of temporary cover you put up when its raining.

You can also trim the hell out of your plants to help make more air spaces between the buds.