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I am always interested in ways to grow indoors more sustainably, and liked what GrowLife had to say here...

Who says we can’t grow green, make green and go green all at the same time? With our climate in crisis, the emerging cannabis market has a responsibility to build out its infrastructure while being environmentally conscious.

GrowLife, one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, aims to do its part in protecting the planet through its new vertical grow room technology. GrowLife just announced measuring a 76% reduction in energy usage in its vertical grow room, when compared to a traditional grow room.

The 76% reduction in energy usage is not only beneficial from an environmental perspective; wholesale cannabis prices are crashing nationally across the U.S. The national average price for a pound of cannabis was about $1,789 in 2016, but had fallen to $1,562 by the end of 2017. With this reduction in wholesale prices, saving energy could be the only way to turn a profit.

The Man Behind the Grow Room

GrowLife, Inc. CEO Marco Hegyi saw the marijuana price plunge coming, and was even on the record in 2015 saying that “we’ve got to cost of production down … or our customers will all go out of business!”

Seeing this national pot price drop coming, Hegyi’s Seattle-based cannabis tech provider prepared for it by creating a vertical growing system that allows cultivators to grow 70 plants in a space that previously would grow 15 -- getting the cost of production down to a mere 35 cents a gram.

13-Week “Proof of Concept” Study

A thirteen-week test in Colorado will evaluate the true production capacity of the system by monitoring cubic volume versus traditional square footage, as well as the overall reduction in costs required to run the facility -- using less water, energy and space.

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Bud Durden
Bud Durden


Amazing concept! For Urban growers, this is a perfect solution to deal with space limitations.