Hi all.. Just joined. I'm after finding out what the best type is to get for chronic pain? I've had one of those cbd vap pen things but couldn't get on with it and cbd capsules as don't want to smoke it. So many sites have different types and strongness of capsules etc that it's really hard to know what to buy. A recipe popped up from your site so have had a look and I'm very impressed. I would much prefer it in my food. Is this easy for a beginner with a simple recipe? Does it smell when cooking it in food?. Sorry about the long comment TIA xxx

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Bud Durden
Bud Durden


Hello, cooking with cannabis isn't hard once you've prepared your cannabis. There is an article on making cannabutter posted on this site that I published that gets into the nitty gritty. You have to prepare cannabis to be eaten this step is called decarboxylation. This converts the THC A in the bud to THC B which is active and will get you high when you eat it. The process can be completed in your oven (stinky) or using a device like this (

That device works simply and doesn't kick up a big stink.

Once you have your weed ready you follow the cannabutter recipe

Check out this dosing chart that Leafy put out, very helpful for getting a baseline of how much THC to take. (

Basically, when I make 1 pound of cannabutter I use 1 ounce of cannabis. I dose myself for mild pain with 1 gram of THC, you might need much more. 28 grams in 1 once and 1 pound of butter will have 28 grams of cannabis in it. Divide the pound into 28 parts and you can easily play with your recipe and dose from there.