Grow-Off Cannabis Growing Competition Announces Continued Expansion

The Grow-Off set to amplify international presence

DENVER, CO — The Grow-Off announced today its international expansion. In addition to its annual California and Colorado events, the grassroots company founded in Denver will expand the competition to Oregon and Canada.

The Grow-Off creates science-based contests to determine who truly grows the best cannabis, independent of human preference. Using genetically identical plants, farmers are judged based on quantitative lab results instead of subjective smoke-outs. Data is collected during the grow process to discover what variables cannabis responds to both negatively and positively.

Once The Grow-Off collects data about which methods work best, the information is passed back to the growers. Additionally, The Grow-Off is experimenting with machine learning to see if well-grown cannabis can be identified from a photo.

"A computer doesn't have any bias about what cannabis should or shouldn't look like," says co-founder Jake Browne. "Being able to match physical characteristics with testing results and grow data is starting to yield some really interesting and valuable information."

The Grow-Off is already making an impact in legalized and developing markets. Placement services are being offered through The Grow-Off for cultivators and existing businesses looking to enter these emerging legal markets from Michigan to Macedonia.

"We realized that while we have a ton of data on growing, the most important part was the growers themselves," says CEO Samantha Taylor. "So many people need a grower but don't have a clue where to look. Here, we work with them every day and through our Grow Jobs platform we are able to help foster those invaluable connections."

In addition to contests, The Grow-Off also works with local communities by hosting events and contributing to organizations that work to provide food security and resources to non-violent cannabis offenders. The Grow-Off creates opportunities for those who were most impacted by the War on Drugs through mentorship programs aimed to help teach practical cultivation skills as well as supporting Students For Sensible Drug Policy nationally.

"It's important that we continue to support the next generation of cannabis advocates," says Taylor.

Each competition culminates in an awards ceremony and celebration open to all contestants, licensed cultivators, and VIPs. This exclusive happy hour gives everyone a chance to come together, enjoy light refreshments, performances, live tattoos, complimentary beverages, and of course, a bud bar.

To learn more about The Grow-Off or to attend an upcoming event, please visit