Woo Work Shop Launches in Portland to Celebrate Community, Art, and Cannabis

Leah Maurer

There are so many cannabis centric events in Portland that sometimes it feels hard to choose which ones to go to..but I assure you that this one is going to be one of the best of this season! It's rare to come across not just one but TWO creative powerhouses collaborating on an event that really focuses on community building and joy, all while offering ways for personal fulfillment through art and music with that touch of cannabis culture woven right into it.

Welcome to Woo Work Shop!

Woo Work Shop is creating unique, diverse community magic that includes art, plant medicine, performance, and pop-up markets. They choose unity rather than exclusivity and work together in order to create positivity that ripples outward and lifts us up collectively. This weekend is the launch of the project!

Woo Work Shop was created by Nichole Graf - creator of Grow Your Own book and Organic Cannabis Farm Raven Grass, and Andi Bixel - creator of Drip Sweets. It's a pretty special collaboration of two artists who care a lot about art, community and the cannabis plant.


~~a holiday soiree (dress up!) that's including:

  • photography by Ashley Sofia Clark

  • live jazz piano

  • CBD products for sale (Drip Sweets launches new hemp derived CBD products, Raven Grass makes herbal CBD joint blends, Woo Work Shop makes a delicious Golden Milk, an Elderberry Syrup, and a Coconut Matcha Latte Mix.

  • there will be a cannabis consumption bus ran by local groove star DJ Tim Bee


~~an all day affair that's including:

10-11 Start the day off with a movement class with Allison Jacks and Andi Bixel

Then stay for a donut + coffee

12-4 Pop up shop with CBD gifts (all products avail), CBD infused donuts, coffee, Aura and Astrological Chart readings with Jay Bray and Treneti Brown

7-11pm Intimate Performances to inspire expansion, conversation, questioning, and joy

Andi Bixel + Allison Jacks (video, movement, music/words)

Shanitra (eats beautiful fruit and sings)

Allegra Behave (sultry soul)

Jay Bray (high vibrational solo performance)

Annika Izora (poetry as a method of healing, freedom, and social change)

This might just be the best holiday event you never knew was out there, so come join the fun!