RedHat Ralph’s 2017 Oregon Cannabis Event Picks for Spring



Not only do we have the wonderfully colorful blossoms supplied by the Pacific Northwest’s trees and shrubs and flowers, we also have the beginnings of Cannabis Event Season.  For me, Cannabis Event Season begins in April, extends into August, and offers me the social gatherings that bring so many of us together.  Being one of those folks who is inept in almost every social occasion, these events are some of the only chances I have to meet like-minded individuals and interact with them in one of the only social outlets I seem to enjoy.

The reason I bring this up is that I have been asked what I am planning on doing this season.  In case more than one person in the world is interested in what type of events are available in an area where both medical and recreational cannabis use is both legal and responsibly indulged, I came up with a list.  

RedHat Ralphs 2017 Oregon Cannabis Event Picks for Spring :

  • Judging the samples for Cultivation Classic – 4/12 through 5/7 ()
  • Dispensary wandering, especially 4/17 through 4/22
  • Adventures in Cannabisland 420 Week at NW Cannabis Club 4/17 through 4/21 ()
  • Oregon Cannabis Association Membership meeting on 4/19 ( )
  • Foster Buds 420 Party on 4/20 ( )  
  • Potluck 420 Cook-off on 4/20 ()
  • Dope Cup 2017, Seattle on 4/23 ( )
  • Oregon Cannabis Association Toke Talks on 4/24 ( )
  • The Weed Blog’s Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event 5/3 ()
  • Cultivation Classic, Portland on 5/12 ()
  • World Naked Bike Ride, Portland on 6/24 ( )
  • Waterfront Blues Fest, Portland from 6/30 through 7/4 ( )

I am sure that there will be many more events presenting themselves to me, as well as numerous specials at some of the 181 medical and recreational dispensaries (as of 3/31/17) within the area I am comfortable calling my wandering area.  For the second year in a row I plan to use TriMet public transportation ( ) and my feet to visit all 181 of those dispensaries during Cannabis Event Season.  Won’t it be fun to see what I find?