Portland To Host Free Summer Fair With Cannabis Samples Included



Where it is within the law to grow, buy, sell, and possess marijuana has a long last allowed a public, outdoor event to give out free samples.

The terrific people running The Oregon Cannabis Association have worked with the City of Portland to allow, The Summer Fair. Members attending the fair, as long as they are over 21, are able to sample from the wide range of dispensaries showcasing their product.

To add a little icing on the pot cake, the event is absolutely free to the public. Oregon laws see the act of charging admission and giving out free samples as a sale of marijuana – something only licenses marijuana businesses can do. Not too many arguments from me on that one.

A downside for ticket-holders is that on-site consumption is still prohibited. 

Despite that fact, the progress made in normalizing not only the sale of marijuana, but the consumption of marijuana is well on its way in Oregon. Stigma is beginning to fall away like the ashes on a blunt.

For more information, visit thesummerfair.com