New Cannabis & Travel Show Growing Wild Explores Legalization Across America

New Cannabis & Travel Show Growing Wild

Cannador CEO Zane Witzel visits Portland, Oregon, for the first episode of the docu-series.

Growing Wild, a mini-docu series produced by Cannador CEO Zane Witzel, sheds light on cannabis culture and cultivation in recreational states, connecting the dots between the science and social consensus of cannabis legalization.

“Traditionally, one follows the other, but our government is having difficulty pushing past the irrational scheduling of cannabis that was made almost 50 years ago,” says Witzel, who’s elevated storage with his uniquely designed, high-end cannabis humidors and accessories. “Over the past three years, I've been having general conversations with people from around the U.S. on the topic of cannabis and I've found it to be awkward given this disconnect, so I'm taking an investigative approach to learn about what's going on from the ground up.” That’s why Witzel is traveling around the country speaking to scientists, growers and businesses with the goal of understanding their perspective in this brave new world.

The 45 minute long first episode of Growing Wild focuses on the Portland cannabis scene and features several notable industry professionals. Witzel, along with Mowgli Holmes of Phylos Bioscience, Samantha Montanaro of Prism House, Mason Walker of East Fork Cultivars, Jeremy Sackett of Cascadia Labs, Emma Chasen of Farma, and the folks at HiFi Farms, unearths the ecosystem of a vibrant and fully functioning regulated cannabis marketplace in Portland with some of the greatest minds in cannabis.

In future episodes, Witzel will meet with cultivators and highlight culture in adult-use states across America. “In this time of extreme division over everything but the law of gravity, our country is starting to see the benefits of cannabis, particularly the health benefits of CBD. It's an exciting time and I want to capture it on film.”

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