MJBizCon Fall 2018 Blossoms Bigger Than Ever


This year’s conference attracted over 18,000 cannabis industry professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center, a 67% increase over last year’s event.

The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, known as MJBizCon, is the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing national cannabis trade show in the country. This year’s attendance — the sixth edition— clocked in at 18,120 people with 679 exhibitors, a whopping 67% increase over last year’s show. Over 10% of attendees, 1,932 to be exact, arrived from outside the United States. Out of those, Canada’s presence was the largest. And, these numbers only represent the people who signed up for the actual conference, as many simply arrived in Vegas with the intention of networking off-site at the events planned around Sin City.

While the exhibit hall buzzed with excitement, aisle after aisle jam-packed with industry movers and shakers, the sessions were full and the after-parties, brunches, infused dinners, and assorted soirees, thrown by various companies, brands and industry leaders throughout the week, were both festive and informative. Add that infectious energy of an industry about to explode to the glitz and glam of Vegas, and well, you’ve got a recipe for an interesting business trip that resembles more of an adventure.

Companies represented from across the spectrum—banking, packaging, security, accessories, marketing firms to consultants, infused edibles to cultivation equipment manufacturers. Flavor Flav was spotted on the floor, and politely posed with attendees. Famous hash producer Frenchy Cannoli made the rounds, too. Willie’s Reserve didn’t disappoint with their annual event, offering party-goers the option of receiving a tattoo.

PAX created a fun interactive experience involving virtual reality, electronic dance music, and lots of donuts. Chef Randy Placeres plated a delicious multi-course meal for Green Table at the Wayne Newton Estate. The Travel Joint and Craft 1861 hosted a classy cocktail party at Floyd Mayweather's penthouse at The Palms Place Hotel, featuring craft CBD infused cocktails by Holden Jagger. Sensi and Dope Magazine threw ragers, as a bunch of intimate conversations took place in casino nooks and crannies. Hopeful grins over business dinners mingled with the promise of bright future.

Did you miss it this time around? Don’t stress. There’s another MJBizCon around the corner. This time it’s in New Orleans, May 9th through the 11th. Wondering what everyone thought of Vegas? Keep reading because we interviewed a few prominent cannabis industry professionals, so you can see what the fuss is all about.

“The 2017 MJBizCon left quite an impression on those who have their eyes on the cannabis Industry. It was great to see the companies who’ve been attending the show for the past few years. And, it was great to welcome new faces. It’s the people who make up this industry who will carry it on.” — Lauren Miele, KushKards CEO/Founder

“After attending the last few years of the MJBizCon, this year was eye opening. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing and has reached a level that most people I talked with could never imagine. With this year being held at the convention center, and the increase in attendance, our industry is now on the map as one of the most rapidly growing and profitable business opportunities in the country. The amount of attendees from almost every state in the union is staggering.” — Clint Harris, Eco Firma Farms Cultivation Director

"I was impressed with the sheer size of the event. It was great to see how far the industry has progressed in such a short time." — Brad Blommer, Green Light Law Group, LLC