Merry Christmas 2014 From The Weed Blog!

This is the fifth Christmas that I have been running The Weed Blog. I remember when Jay Smoker and I created this blog in 2010.

I never, ever would have thought we would be here five years later, spreading awareness on a daily basis like we do. This Christmas, The Weed Blog’s fifth Christmas, I am as grateful as ever to be doing this. I promise to keep blogging as long as I can sign in, and our readers will support it.

This last year we saw a lot of things – two more states legalized marijuana (Oregon and Alaska), Washington D.C. legalized marijuana, some of the largest cities in America have decriminalized marijuana, etc. I would always half joke to people and tell them that all I wanted for Christmas was for marijuana prohibition to be ended where I live (Oregon). Looks like I’m going to have to get a different Christmas present idea next year, because Christmas came a little early for me this year!

From all of us here at The Weed Blog (Jay Smoker, Travis, and I, and all of our valued contributors), we want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!