Mary Jane Fonda: A Cannabis Workout and Wellness Party

Mary Jane Fonda is a cannabis infused wellness and workout party. Read a first hand account of just how fun it is!

It's like, Mary Jane Fonda...

By Leighana Martindale

I went to my first Mary Jane Fonda event and it was amazing. This was unlike any other workout event I had ever been to! Not only could you smoke cannabis, but it was themed and you were encouraged to dress up like your favorite fitness instructor from the 80s. And I mean, who doesn’t love to dress up?

The atmosphere created was calm and accepting, it didn’t feel like you had to do all of the exercises but were actually encouraged to only do what you felt most comfortable with. There was a chill out space with some rugs and cushions, making it inviting to just sit and connect with others. There was a full cannabis station loaded with some of Shadowbox Farms White Cookies and cute little chillums, as well as some Voyage vape pens and adorable pipes from Stonedware and Monkey Pipes! The cannabis aspect of Mary Jane Fonda creates a level of comfortability that isn’t naturally there with other fitness events I’ve attended. It brought people together and allowed people to connect and communicate instead of solely focusing on the workout.

Of course, when you have people burning calories and smoking cannabis a munchies table is needed, and the founder definitely puts together a well-balanced selection that satisfied your taste buds but was still healthy. The table including a plethora of different veggies and hummus, olives and some smart pop, as well black licorice and seltzer. My favorite part of all the food and drinks, however, was the Goldin Leaf Apothecary tea bag each guest went home with that was meant to help you recover from the workout. It was a delicious herbal infusion with about 5mg THC to help relax the muscles.

The fitness portion was an amazing combination of a boot camp class taught by the wonderful Byrdie, followed by an amazing guided meditation session with Gina, and finished off by and a relaxing session of yin yoga with Andrea. The curation of these specific classes and fitness styles were an incredible combination that worked out not only your body but your mind, this coupled with cannabis makes me wish this could be an everyday thing and even encourages me to try these own things in my home.

This event is definitely an amazing combination of self-awareness and overall positivity, I definitely won’t miss another one. It was amazing to enjoy the power and benefits of cannabis coupled with the benefits of working out and I would highly recommend trying this for yourself as well.

Mary Jane Fonda is based in Portland, Oregon and their events are only 21+. You can follow them on Instagram to learn more about what they do and when their next event is!

Author Bio: Leighana Martindale is a full time cannabis advocate with a mission to shatter the stereotypes the cannabis plant and cannabis users face. She is also dedicated to women empowerment and what that means for the cannabis community. She is a full time team member of Ladies of Paradise, a full time contributor to The Her(b) Life and a manager at a dispensary in Eugene, Oregon. Leighana has a love for anything health and wellness related and focuses her writing on these issues as well as educating others on safe cannabis use.

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