Cannabis Industry Mixer to Benefit Local AIDS Nonprofit

Leah Maurer

The Weed Blog is excited to announce that we will be having another cannabis industry mixer and networking event on Wednesday, October 18th from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the Lagunitas Community Room! This will be a fundraiser for the Cascade AIDS Project (CAP ) and ALL proceeds will be donated directly to their organization. You can purchase tickets and learn more about the event here .

You may recall that the last event The Weed Blog hosted was also in partnership with CAP. Kim Lundin is the Development Manager for CAP and told us, "Cascade AIDS Project is excited to partner once again with The Weed Blog! Our shared causes connect us, from espousing the beneficial effects of marijuana for long-term HIV survivors to overcoming stigma within the wider community. The Weed Blog and CAP joining forces is an opportunity to highlight those causes, learn from one another and celebrate our successes. At our last event we were blown away by the incredible support for our work and look forward to sharing our story and making more connections."

The event will again include appetizers, a cash bar, and raffle! Again, all proceeds from raffle and bar sales go to CAP...these companies have graciously donated raffle prizes and The Weed Blog (and CAP!) are so appreciative of their generosity and support!! A big thank you to:

Empower Bodycare

Cascade High Organics

True Terpenes

Half Baked Labs

Laurie + MaryJane

Portland Homegrown


Good Gum Company

Coalition Brewing

Little House Foods

Green Leaf Lab

Dazed and Glazed

You can check out the Facebook event page for more updates on the raffle prizes and other details about the event!

The Weed Blog supports social justice causes and believes that social justice reform is essential and is very closely aligned with cannabis law reform, and we are thrilled to also host the They Report to You campaign at this event.

According to the campaign, this initiative is all about reform, and gets to the heart of the social justice movement. Right now, people of color are treated worse than white people are in our criminal justice system. We're still propagating the failed "War on Drugs". We're putting more and more people in prison, and preventing many of them from accessing the treatment they need.

Daniel Lewkow is part of the ACLU of Oregon (who backs this campaign) and explained, "We're rarely holding police officers accountable for their misconduct. And we're putting young people in the adult system, even though we know how harmful that can be. District attorneys are the most powerful people in the criminal justice system. If we hold them accountable for the power they wield, we change how they use that power. And we get that much closer to making our system more fair and effective."

This is exactly what the They Report to You campaign is fighting for.

LewKow added, "[Cannabis] legalization advocates get this issue. They get what it's like for elected district attorneys to not represent the views of their own voters. Advocates understand that the majority of Oregonians support legalizing marijuana, while many of their elected district attorneys were often fighting against it. They understand that voters want to end the failed "War on Drugs", while some of their elected DAs still use those strategies. They understand that most Oregonians want drug problems to be addressed through prevention and treatment instead of arrests and punishment. And yet, several DAs still prefer the so-called "tough on crime" approaches from the 1990s."

In addition to hearing from CAP about their mission and vision, attendees will also hear from They Report to You about their cause and how to be more involved with it.

Join us for learning, networking, and lots of meaningful conversation about cannabis and the Oregon cannabis industry! You can get early bird tickets through Monday and then they jump to the general admission pricing.