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Cannabis and yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both enhance your mood and uplift your body.

Bibi McGill is back at The Tillamook Station hosted by Make and Mary for her second round of Lifted yoga with CBD drinks optional.

When you step into the space it is filled with light and open with lots of greenery. Is a great space to do yoga and gather just remember to bring an extra mat or use a thick yoga mat because of the concrete floors. There is art on the walls by local artist that you can buy. Bibi is awesome and her yoga style is holding the asanas and moving with your breath. Her guidance is gentle and she gives you options for the different poses. I am grateful to live in Portland, Oregon where this magic is happening.

I am glad she is focusing more on enhancing a yoga class with Cannabidiol. It's fun getting high and exercising, my muscles feel less sore and I get deeper into the poses. I love doing the physical yoga without any enhancements but there is something special about combining weed and yoga. Both put you in the moment and help you follow your prana. There is something magical about sharing cannabis and having a shared yoga experience. Puts you more into the present and relaxes you by giving yourself some self-care.

There is the option of CBD only drinks in case you might be a little wary of THC or you can just enjoy the yoga class. Drinking CBD is absorbed faster than edibles because you absorb through your mouth (subquinally). Drinking your weed is nicer to your body than any inhaling of vapor or smoke.

I had a wonderful experience the first time I did yoga with Bibi McGee at The Tillamook Station. Having CBD relax your body and yoga your mind, is a perfect combo. Make and Mary have created a safe gathering space for all yogis curious about cannabis and cannabis consumers that are curious about yoga. There are always snacks of course, I like the fresh fruit and drinks.

You can learn more about the Lifted Yoga.

About Bibi McGill:

“The gifts of a yogic practice fortified Bibi McGill's courage, stamina and devotion as internationally renowned lead guitarist and band leader for Beyonce. She has found great sustenance and healing in yoga, and her joy in teaching is making yoga accessible to anyone who seeks it. Her down-to-earth, vibrant nature empowers students to claim their own authentic gifts, as they deepen their relationship with themselves on the mat.”

About Lifted Yoga:

“Join us for a CBD infused evening of zen and create space to get lifted though shanti and a little natural inspiration. This experience is for everyone (novice or seasoned). Please bring your own mat, other comforts you may need: straps, blanket, props, we have a limited number of mats to share). Light refreshments are included.”

About Make & Mary:

“Make and Mary was founded in the Spring of 2016 as way to create community and to merge design and craft with plant medicine. We are inclusive to everyone 21+.

Founded by a community builder. Owner, Yvonne Perez Emerson is a thinker, maker, and educator who has been creating community most of her adult life, and often speaks on process and the parallel worlds of cannabis and making. She formulates all of the natural Make & Mary products in small batches in her Portland studio. She also curates and leads many of the easy-to-do workshops.”

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Mikayla Miller
Mikayla Miller

@Susie Sativa SO cool! I hope to see more platforms like the sprout up...they seem essential for the normalization of cannabis!

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Travis Maurer
Travis Maurer


I use cannabis before soccer games, working out, running,.... just about everything. But, my favorite is probably listening to some awesome jazz.


Cannabis goes with everything!


🤩 wow! I love CBD products ❤️