Q: What is the BEST new dab accessory?

A: The Dr. Dabber SWITCH!! Dr. Dabber SWITCH, an amazing new vaporized, features a fast and exact heating process, extensive battery life, and 25 variable temperature profiles.

The product's Induction Vapor Technology produces a uniform electromagnetic field to indirectly heat material within a sealed chamber. Compound activation is steady for oil and loose leaf materials.

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Some of it's features:

-Accurate & Intelligent: The SWITCH is an intelligent device, allowing users to choose from up to 25 heat settings and “train” the unit to their liking. Higher heat settings produce more vapor while lower temps accentuate flavor.

-Powerful & Fast: Press the go button and the Switch’s induction system initiates the heating profile, activating compounds at a precise level while providing unmatched flavor. This all happens within seconds.

-Standby Lighting: • 25 LED Light Show Options • Stealth Mode (No Top Lights)

-Integrated Power Management • Pass Through Charging • 150+ Cycles On Full Charge • Robust charging port & connectors

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