Oh CANNA-da! Even Valentine’s Day is Different Now That Canada’s Canna-Companies Are Shaking Up Cupid’s Traditions

Some would say that on the surface, nothing much has changed in the country since federal legalization of cannabis in October, 2018. The country hasn’t experienced the kind of negative repercussions some who grew up believing the rhetoric of “prohibition” feared. Canna-da, they say, looks a lot like Canada.

Some things, of course - have changed. One of those things is the rise of an emerging billion dollar new industry. While much of the media attention has focused on the growing, manufacture, and sale of cannabis products., there are much more interesting stories to tell. These are the stories of the Canadian entrepreneurs, coast to coast - who are seizing the moment, blazing new trails - and finding new and interesting ways to serve cannabis consumers, including specials for Valentine's Day.

LOOKING FOR LOVE? Try CANNAMATCH.CA - As seen on CP24 Toronto and City TV Vancouver news reports, this "No Stigma" friendship and dating site helps “people who love weed to find each other.” Glenn Wells, CEO & Founder of Mission, BC based, says we’re not talking enough about the effect of cannabis on the love lives of people across North America. Wells points out the the recent studies that suggest that couples who smoke together are less likely to be involved in domestic violence and abuse. He points to the considerable number of companies bringing cannabis based lubes to the market (and the users who swear by them!) He smiles when pointing out that a lot of couples find relaxing with a joint together an integral part of romance. And he's talking about stigma in the dating world. Pointing to his own lived experience, something he found was familiar to others in CannaMatch’s extensive marketing research : Cannabis users, Wells says, can’t honestly use most dating sites. “They all ask you if you do drugs. People who smoke joints and abhor hard drugs report that if they reply “Yes” to this question, very few people ever see or respond to their profile. If they reply “No” - because most people don’t consider occasional use of recreational cannabis or regular use of medical cannabis to be “doing drugs” with all the negative implications that come with that terminology, they run the risk of “hooking up” with someone without any understanding of the culture of cannabis users. Wells reports he often hears from broken hearted people who met significant others on dating sites and were later devastated when their use of cannabis became a dealbreaker, because of the misunderstandings and stigmas that still exist. “We’d like to likeminded people to join us our community at CannaMatch. Meet, Toke, Date - There’s no reason to hide your cannabis use - or for singles to use sites that shame them… There IS an alternative!” Wells says the site serves cannabis users - but also provides an essential service to the growing (no pun intended) number of people working in the emerging cannabis industry. Thousands of Canadians working in retail stores, grow rooms, production facilities, and in a myriad of industry roles can sign up to find someone who understand their daily “grind.” Wells says, “We’ve got about 5000 members now, and we truly believe we have the potential to become one of the biggest dating sites in Canada. We’re going to see a lot of Canadians who have previously been silent about their cannabis use come out of the closet - or the grow room!”

FORGET ROSES & HEART LOCKETS - SHOW YOUR “ONE LOVE” You Really Care… WITH CANNABIS FLOWERS - Replace that tired bouquet of roses with her REAL favourite flower - Cannabis. If you were one of the first customers U-Bud Cannabis Services (launched in October with locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary, expanding Canada wide as they open the company up to investment) you might already have your first freshy grown bag of fragrant cannabis flower to present to your date. “No more bringing chips, cookies, a bottle of wine, or that silly marshmallow and jello salad to parties. Receiving a home made pie is nice, but a bag of homegrown cannabis really shows you care.” As CEO David Kurth (who founded the company with his wife Andrea, a nurse, and COO Andy Buchanon) has said, “For your medical or super-fun needs, you can now get a top quality product at a 'bag of shake' price. Why buy cannabis in the store, when with our help and top quality equipment, you can grow top quality bud at home. When you are done, we will clean up the mess and remove the equipment so you have more room to consume the cannabis with your friends.” The company’s website tells you to ask yourself these questions : Do you have a faucet? Do you have an electrical outlet? If so, U-Bud Cannabis Services will bring everything else you need - along with the expertise and a guarantee! They offer everything from annual grow subscriptions, to single grows with detailed instructions, training, and reminders, and budding services. U-Bud is also offering the chance for Canadians of legal age living in one of their service areas four chances to win a free four plant legal home grow with all services include with the next draws taking place in April, July, and October 2019.

...OR REAL CANNABIS JEWELRY THAT LASTS A LIFETIME Meloscreationz / MeloMomentz If you’ve got a ganja loving girl - or guy - forget that department store heart shaped locket -and surprise them with a beautiful, conversation starting, unique piece of jewelry from Kingston’s Meloscreationz / MeloMomentz featuring REAL (denatured) cannabis. Artist / designer Melanie Wilhelm, is also the company founder - and she is known for her sophisticated, one of a kind pieces of wearable art. The striking redhead, also a ‘budding’ cannabis journalist with High!Canada Magazine, says for her, it’s about not only beauty, but education. “Denatured Cannabis jewellery is a great way to repurpose cannabis while showing your love for the plant.,” she said on her way back to Kingston from yet another Toronto cannabis industry event today, “It’s a great way to start a conversation and educate someone about the benefits of cannabis today.” Wilhelm, who is working hard to grow her small business, is an excellent example of the women excelling in all aspects of the cannabis industry today

FINALLY READY TO SETTLE DOWN WITH YOUR VALENTINE? Whether you and your Valentine are ready to settle in for a night of love or a lifetime - Toronto’s has you covered! Offering mattresses made out of hemp (with pillows coming in March, this company has been wowing not only canna enthusiasts but environmentalists, hoteliers, and homeowners at all ages at expos and trade shows across Ontario since the product line was introduced in 2018. Not only do these mattresses give you cool bragging rights (you can choose between the one decorated with the cannabis leaf or the one without) but you and your valentine will truly appreciate this bed every night of the year. Super comfortable, hemp is 3 times stronger and softer than cotton, a natural temperature regulator, hypoallergenic, naturally anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant, dust mite and bed bug resistant and more. Cannabeds mattresses are attractively priced and the company also offers free delivery to anywhere in Canada or the continental US.