It’s crazy after I put it down in black and white. I’m going to read it. Some of the things that have happened to me in the last 2 years of my life have been nothing short of a miracle. Why me? Why this is happening to me? These were the questions I once asked myself, in the beginning of all this. My cuzzo would tell me to just go with it and be thankful. So I don't ask, Why me? any more. All I do is make sure I say thank you erryday. In my eyes I shouldn't be here today. I was shot on July 6th, 2013. I had been shot in my left thigh right above my knee with a .40 caliber. It had shattered my femur blew out my kneecap and my femoral artery was shredded by the bullet. I was flown to the University of Utah. I am truly grateful for the whole staff at that hospital. I eventually lost my leg after a four month battle to try to keep my leg. So in my head I am still like, damn I shouldn't even be here. I am though. So for that i am truly thankful for every single day i am gifted. I now approach every day with a different outlook. Now, from the very beginning of each day, until I close my eyes. I take advantage of the day. The thing about going through all the tests that life has given to me, is that it has made me the person I am today. I am a better person because of all my trials and tribulations. I needed the mental strength for everything I was gonna be doing in the very near future. In the beginning it was for me. I needed to prove to myself that I could still be a independent in every means of the word. However, I couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for the prayers of all of my FOLKS in my life. This gave me strength to not stress about what was going on in my life physically. Mentally and spiritually I put it in gods hands and let it be. I had very little control in what was happening with my life at the time. So I prayed all the time. There was times when the pain was so bad that was all I could do. Well, I made it through the toughest test of my life up to that point. Guess what? Life only got better after I lost my leg, no bullshit. I am going tell my story well the last two years of my life and how totally strange it has been. Thanks to my love of cannabis and the people in my life.