Cannabis And the Gym

2016 I was 250lbs completely out of shape. Addicited to opioids due to military injuries. Dec 2016 I decided to get my life together. I had heard some interesting things from people about juicing the plants. I was up north trimming bud with a group of guys and every chance I got I chewed on little fresh nugs Okayed by the growers of course. Since this time I started smoking cannabis regularly for pain at first. now after a year and a half I am 185lbs athletically fit.

my regiment I use a sativa prior to my workouts, I usually only take one or two small rips of my bong to give me the cannaboids I need for my workout.

Sativas make my concentration higher with out making me high. I beleive this is due to the lower amount of THC levels in the sativas not as kuch D9 in my system.

CBD: studies show have helped turn white fats into brown fats which make them easier to get rid of this fat. this I beleives shows the statistica that those that smoke cannabis have 2% lower body fat on average. also the Antiinflammetory properties, realive the muscle aches after my workout and during allowing me to extend my workouts.

Hemp seeds also the cannavis sativa plant have the perfect amount of omega 3,6, and 9s this will also help with the inflamation also the omega 3 help with joint health.

Juicing the Cannabis Sativa plant studies need to be done with this. personal experiance between my self and buisness partner. Loss of over 75lbs each. The acid forms of these cannaboniods have emense healing properties, bone health, nerve repair, anti inflammatory, fat burners, pain releivers.

add this to proper diet and excersise its like you body just wants to work better. I find that I improve weekly with never hitting a plato in my work outs. I am never in pain my sorness is very low and I do very intense workouts while haveing these injures, .etal plate x7 bolts in leg, tarsol tunnel, rotator cuff that likes to play games, and two wires in my spine plus a battery pack in my hip.

here is my IG you can see what I do here. I post my Weed-ucations sometimes.

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Leah Maurer
Leah Maurer


Wow, this is an amazing story! @BotaHemp @HealthyStoner @healthylife check it out!!