Canna Cribs is the brainchild of Nick Morin and Nate Lipton, who saw cultural cannabis shows such as Berner's Marijuana Mania, Weeds, and more, and wondered why there weren't any shows that focused on the growing of the plants, especially at the commercial level. From this realization, the idea behind Canna Cribs began to form.

They said:
"Canna Cribs is a documentary series focused on the commercial cultivation of cannabis that's currently on a fast trajectory into a mature industry. Growing on a commercial scale is an entirely different beast from growing at home, and we wanted to look under the hood at the sophisticated practices that have emerged in the commercial space. In the process, we hoped that budding growers (pun intended) would learn more about how large operations manage and cultivate a staggering amount of the plant. In the same vein, we also created Growers Network to establish connections between industry professionals to advance the industry as a whole by learning from one another and sharing information--Canna Cribs is just one mode of that content, and it's often a popular conversation topic for our members. We envision a mature cannabis industry where both patient and consumer can get their needs met at an affordable price as any other agricultural or medical product."