Read the Truth about the transition of Marijuana from Regular Brown Mexican to High Quality that some people say never existed. A strong novel with almost a hundred pictures that shadow a few teenagers who became the Carnegie's of the Hippie Counter Culture in the late 60's. RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE", Sex, Drugs Rock & Roll

"Right Under Your Nose", Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll Something about being awakened by a Florida criminal attorney was not the celebratory call Dean expected on his 60th birthday. At first, he shrugged it off as a birthday prank from one of his close friends, until the next day when he was abruptly awakened by the repeated sound of his front door bell. After opening the door and signing for a large box, he was still confused and half asleep.

As he carried the package into the kitchen, he began to recalled the conversation he had with the attorney yesterday. His only clear memory was, his birthday celebration that included the consumption of eight bottles of Saki and too many shots of Plum wine. At first he thought the attorney was a fake but remembered that during the conversation he mentioned something about a birthday present.

Just as Dean was about to open this strange package, his wife Karen awakened by the doorbell, descended the staircase from their bedroom and questioned him as to its contents. His answers were vague and confusing, so she continued to prod him for an explanation. Over the next six hours they discovered that the 007 secrecy around the so-called birthday present was much more than anything imaginable. Little did they know when they opened the box where the contents would take them and how much was at the journey began.

A truly must read book. It will “BLOW ONES MIND.” -- Richard Atkins Graduate of the University Of Pennsylvania Law School (J.D.), maintaining a law practice in Philadelphia for the last forty years. Co-founded International Legal Defense Counsel (“ILDC”).