Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Announces Support for Legal Weed

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Pls Mr.schumer. get this legalized in every state. So many people can benefit from this medicinal Plant, Myself Included. we have medical marijuana now in Minnesota. but I am disabled, 63 and on ssi. They charge 100 to 200 just to fill out the application. Than once that is approved I have to drive 240 miles to see a Medical Marijuana Dr. which there are only 3 in our state. The cost to see him is 250.00 than my closest despensiary I s 90 miles away. My car does not run good and with all of my severe chronic pain wide spread it is hard just driving up town.. I have been on the opiate train wreck for 14 years now. It is a wonder I have not overdosed yet.The statistics show that alcohol is far more dangerous and opiates than marijuana. you cant overdose on marijuana and how many familes have been torn apart from alcholoic accindents that have killed so many people nation wide. Please for us that suffer so get this medicinal plant legalized in all states.