Never Be Scared To Let People Know You Enjoy Cannabis. For Whatever Reason. We Have Access To Alcohol Every Where You Look; Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Airplanes, Beauty Salons, Target, Walmart - The Fucking List Goes On.

We Have Pharmacutical Medications Being Handed Out By Doctors By The Handful. We Have Massive Problems With Meth, Heroin, And So Many Other Substances.

We Have Massive Debt Problems Everywhere - And An Industry That Is Willing To Work Within Regulations That Aren't Changing Every 6 Months With Price Increases, New Fees And Who Know's What Other Wrenches Are Thrown In. We Have People Dying Of Cancer. Parkinson Suffers, Pain Management Suffers, Etc... And Their Is An Alternative, Proven Source.

And They Want To Tell You Their Is A Problem With Cannabis And Our Industry? I Will Be The First To Say "FUCK THAT!" And Rightfully So, Put Them In Their Rightful Place.... #2LESSLEGS

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Cannabis Cures
Cannabis Cures

Couldn't have said it better!