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In May 2016, Jesse Champney was arrested in Lebanon on a felony charge of possession of heroin with intent to sell and resisting arrest. He failed to appear for a court date in that case, which prompted the warrant to be issued for his arrest. Jesse Champney was shot in the back by the police only a few days before Christmas 2017. One of the five bullets came from an unknown gun.

It is big pharma that murders our people. What is this with building more jails which makes a person worse, instead of making them a better person? Aren't jails supposed to reform a person? Have you seen the filthy, coffins prisoners are confined to? The food they are forced to eat is disgusting, starvation portions. The beds they are forced to sleep on are hard, and the blankets are thin wool. You would be arrested if you treated an animal like the way the legal system does to our residents. This is where our state surplus got spent. There is now a huge police presence here in NH that reminds me of what I've read about NAZI Germany.

What's this with all of the gambling casinos our governor has allowed to come into our State? This is what attracts criminal elements into our state. The wealthy casino owners profit from weakness of the lower classes, and end up destroying many of their lives!

It is time to vote for a newly elected Governor come our November 2018 election which represents the average families who actually work for a living. Come November we will vote Mr. Sununu out of office. He doesn't represent us. I'm sorry I voted for him. He is a fraud who profits off the backs of the working class.