Kentucky Citizens!!

After sitting idle for 14 days SB170, the Medicinal Marijuana bill (which is the companion legislation to HB136) has finally been placed into the Appropriations & Revenue Committee. The average time for committee assignment being 2-3 days, max. Regardless of our obstacles, we press on.

Today, and every day remaining in this session, we need you to contact these committee members. Specifically, the Chair and Vice Chair. If you are a constituent in any of these Districts we would like you to ask them to Support SB170; as well as the Chairs.

The Committee itself is quite welcoming to SB170 and if we can simply get a hearing, the bill will successfully come out and be can be heard on the floor.

So, press on them because it absolutely increases the probability of a hearing. The only way that can become a reality is for YOU to politely and respectfully contact Chairman McDaniel & Vice Chair Humphries.

Chairman: McDaniel LRC: 502-564-8100 ext. 615

Vice Chair: Humphries LRC: 502-564-8100 ext. 870 @KYStanHumphries