Leafly.com and Weedmaps are two of the biggest sources of information online. If you have a question about strains, suppliers or anything else marijuana-related, chances are that one of these two will pop up first in a Google search.

But does this necessarily make it credible or even legal? Are they really qualified to give medical advice? Where do they get their information from? These are all questions we need to ask, regardless of the information source.

The problem is that when a company or brand becomes highly established, people tend to take it more seriously. But this is a huge logical fallacy.

For instance, if a big celebrity starts claiming that Earth is flat, should we take his or her opinion as gospel just because theyre famous? Frankly, intelligent people should be willing to listen to the opinion of an obscure but qualified NASA scientist (or anyone who was alive around 700 years ago).

The point is that bigger isnt necessarily better. So lets see where the giants fall flat and how www.weedadvisor.com differs.

The Credibility of Leafly and Weedmaps

Although Leafly.com and Weedmaps do offer information thats easy to verify, its because thousands of bloggers know and provide the same advice. We all know that edibles are healthier than dry herb and THC makes you high.

Product Reviews

When it comes to product reviews, Leafly.com does offer some cursory strain information. But not every review displays the same thing. Sometimes itll talk about strain origins, while other times itll be lacking. They also do mention the effects of certain strains, but again, where do they get it from?

The answer is simple the manufacturer. They regurgitate facts that they receive from these companies. Its impossible for any website to have staff review every single strain out there.

www.weedadvisor.com is different. We dont just look for what people say about strain effects. We have experts with several years of writing experience who understand what makes strains tick. Specifically, we analyze the terpene content of each strain and base our answers on our knowledge of their effects.

Credible Sources

Again, the source of the information is what makes it reliable. While were not saying that everything Leafly.com and Weedmaps say is wrong, we just dont have a solid reference point.

When we discuss the effects of medical marijuana strains and terpene profiles, we get this information from third-party lab analyses and the medical sites themselves. Never do we extract this from third party sites.

The reason we do this is because medical distributors have thoroughly researched and tested their products.

The Legality of Weedmaps Weedmaps isnt an illegal site, but they certainly have no qualms providing tons of illegal information. A quick search through Toronto, for instance, yields all kinds of results. Sounds, great, right?

Unfortunately, the online dispensaries they talk about are all functioning outside the law. Ontario doesnt allow private sales, yet here we have Weedmaps leading its consumers into a legal minefield. All the police have to do is raid one of these places and find your credit card transactions on file. Then, youre in a heap of trouble.

Weedmaps is fine if you live in a location where private dispensaries are allowed, but if theyre unlicensed or sell products that currently arent approved, then its equally risky.

www.weedadvisor.com Keeps You Safe

At Weedadvisor, we would never direct anyone to an illegal location. We want our customers to learn about the best products and get them from legitimate sources.

Any products we list from private dispensaries are those found in places like Colorado and Washington, where these practices are allowed.

Our sources for Canadian medical marijuana are extracted from Health Canadas list of government-approved distributors. Once recreational businesses open, again, well only offer information about ones that operate within the law.

In short, we want you to read our blog at home, not in jail.

The Sativa vs. Indica Confusion

One of the most heinous crimes being committed throughout the weed industry is ignorance. Specifically, were referring to the sativa and indica misconceptions.

Leafly.com mentions the parent strains of the advertised products, but in doing so, misleads readers.

Why Strains Dont Matter

According to Leafly.com (and virtually every online source), indica strains are relaxing while sativas provide more energetic highs. This just isnt true.

In fact, these were arbitrarily assigned long ago. Due to years of cross-breeding, sativas can act like indicas and vice-versa. This is why youll find some sources that say sativas are the relaxing strains and indicas create an energetic experience.

If youre surprised by this, we understand. This myth is so rampant that very few sources www.weedadvisor.com

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