Hi Everyone!! Just wanna get a little advice/reassurance on a mouth swab test I have coming up! So recently, I spontaneously visited Colorado.. I got myself a bunch of goodies (very potent flowers) and have been indulging for the past two weeks. Prior to this I’ve been a consistent recreational user for about 9-10 years now.. I’m doing all the research I can to determine how long I have to quit before taking the test and what I can all do to ensure my mouth is clean to pass. I have been using pretty heavily lately since the purchase of all these amazing flowers.. Is it possible for me to pass this mouth swab if I quit 4-5 days prior of the test? Of course I know to brush 3-4 times a day (every inch of the mouth) and to floss/mouthwash, etc.. I even thought it might be a good idea to go to the porn store down the street and purchase some special mouthwash to use right before the test.. I’ve read A LOT of articles and am aware that your body’s BMI, metabolism and some other things come into play when it comes to passing an oral swab.. Are there any other heavy users out there that can share some advice and reassure that very heavy flower users can pass oral swabs on 4-5 days of not using and cleaning the f**k out of their mouth?.. haha 😬